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Welcome to The Pedigrees Blog

We are Sylvia from the US and Andrea from Austria. We are both pedigree addicts, we not only enter dogs to a database but we also improve the code constantly to comply with our high demands, regarding especially correctness of the entries, security without losing userfriendliness and the possibilites to evaluate the data from the database. In the past years we acquired an extensive knowledge about researching dogs as well as programming with php, html and a mySQL database.

Having spent countless hours and Dollars (Euros) on improving our databases we finally thought it might be time to start a blog. Our main goal is to help others with their pedigree projects and of course we also hope to get some new ideas for our databases.

Sylvia is working with Weimaraners, Andrea with English Setters, so up to now we were only involved in dog pedigrees - but there is no reason to keep it this way, all other animals are also welcome and furthermore it would be interesting also to look into human genealogy.

In our blog you will find besides articles, weblinks and some downloads also a 'classified ads' section, where you can offer, search for or swap pedigree information.
Furthermore we want to present all your online pedigree databases, it's always nice to expand one's horizon.

To search for a certain topic use the Pedigree Cloud. All posts are tagged, the bigger the font the more posts with this tag. For the different breeds we decided on tagging them with FCI and AKC Group.
To search for a certain term use the Search Box on the right side.

If you want to make comments, rate our articles or submit your suggestions for new articles, downloads or weblinks, you must register. Registration is of course free!

We hope that a lot of you will join us and this blog. Visit us again soon, this is just the beginning, we have a lot more to offer in future.
Sylvia & Andrea

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