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Archives January 2017

Deutsches Gebrauchshund Stammbuch scans available

German Working Dogs Studbook
Scans available from the following editions. 
Please contact us at

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FDSB - Field Dog Stud Book - Year, Volume, Registrations

For those who spend lots of time searching through stud books in search of a certain registration number - this list shows the year (applies to the year of the registrations, not to the one they were published), the number of the volume and the registration numbers from to. 

The FDSB was published until 1947 as a book, since then the registrations have been listed in the American Field. Below as well the range of numbers for complete years as for single American Field Editions are listed.

As this list is not complete any help would be greatly appreciated.

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LOF Livre des origines - One Letter, One Year

The first Volume of the  French Studbook "Livre des origines français" was published in 1885 - in 1926 the system of starting a dog's name with the same letter in a year was installed. In 1973 the Société centrale canine decided to switch to a new system, starting with the Letter I and  omitting the following letters: K, Q, W, X, Y and Z.

Below a list of the years with the corresponding letters:

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