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Archives February 2016

La Cynophilie en France

Here you can find show results and catalogs from France from 2005 till present. To look up all show results/catalogs click the 'Trophy' image (Résultats d'Exposition). You can click each show, under those show results you can click 'Tous les résultats au format Acrobat' to get the catalog (when available)
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Pedigree Database Analysis

Hurrah, 10 years!

I had been working on a pedigree database for a few years already, first starting with my own dogs, trying to find more about their ancestry, then later adding more dogs.
The database contained for the majority European dogs, and there was at that time no Weimaraner database online which concentrated on European dogs.
People who knew I had an offline database asked me for pedigree info, so I decided to bring it online so that everybody could use the tool.
Today it is the largest Weimaraner database around, many many hours and dollars going into this project.
Who knew it would turn into such a large database, and I still have more ideas to do in the future.
It is used by many people around the globe as a tool to look up pedigrees and look up future breedings. 

But a tool like this can be used for a lot more than looking at individual dogs/breedings, like looking over our population, and see what popularity trends there are, what the inbreeding is, what the dangers are and much more.
To celebrate the tenth Anniversary I've made an article which shows us more about our population and with that give people ideas how our population is doing.

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Automatic Copyright Year

Updating the copyright year on your website tells the visitor the site is current. Showing the year is especially important if you have a site without dates on its content.

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