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AKC 1896
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Norwegian Kennel Club Database
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LOSH (Belgium) Scans Available
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Archives December 2015

Raad van Beheer - Dutch Studbook

The former stud book CD was recently replaced by a free online application. You can search for litters (Zoeken nesten) or Champions (Zoeken kampioenen). "Ras" is breed, "Geboortejaar" is year of birth! Entries start from the early 1990s. FYI: translated on question from the FAQs: I want to use the data of 'stamboek online’ for my database and let others use the information, is that allowed? Answer: No, that is not allowed. The law ‚protecting personal information’ which we have to keep, is very strict on this. We are allowed to publish the info via 'stamboek online’, but the info is not free for use or copy. For that you need the permission of the owners of the dogs. You are only allowed to publish such a database or put information at anyone’s disposal if the owners of the dogs give you explicit permission. (End of answer) On this page there is also the link to the health certificates: "Generaties & gezondheid online". Listed are dogs born after Jan 1 1997. You can search by NHSB number, name (naam hond) or chip number. Clicking on a dog you get the details and a more or less complete pedigree of it. Right under the mother's name you find health certificates (Bekijk gezondheidsonderzoeken). DO NOT click on the English Version - these sites are not translated :(
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Hunde Stammbuch des Griffon Club 1985, Band XXXVI

German Griffon Stud Book 1985, Volume XXXVI
In Category: Pedigree Research Reads: [941] Comments: [0]

CDNC California Digital Newspaper Collection

A lot of dog articles, some with illustrations - with the "Search only issues that are available to view" I got results from between 1890 and 1915.
In Category: Pedigree Research Reads: [1362] Comments: [0]

Pedigree Form

I use this form for some of those confusing pedigrees you sometimes find in very old stud books.
In Category: Pedigree Research Reads: [413] Comments: [0]

SHSB (Swiss Stud Book) Scans available

Scans available for all breeds from the following editions. 
Please contact us at

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Hunde Stammbuch des Griffon Club 1980, Band XXXV

German Griffon Stud Book 1980, Volume XXXV
In Category: Pedigree Research Reads: [597] Comments: [0]


The easiest way to send big files. Free and without registration you can send files up to 2 GB
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