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Downloads: AKC Registration Statistics

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AKC Registration Statistics

Registration statistics from the AKC currently 1989 through 2008, some years will be missing, we hope to update them soon.
2017-05-29 18:57:25
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110 #1 paffen
on May 30 2017 08:08:07
Thank you. Very useful. Now, if only we could find those missing dogs too....
2 #2 Sylvia
on June 02 2017 08:58:25
Yes that is the hardest part getting all the dogs. It is hard to find those never bred from.
Of course the list is registered by owners! You might see it with the stats that the average litter size is way to small. At least that is what I see.
And it happens that not all pups in a litter get registered for whatever reason. I see it a lot in the pet/back yard breeding.

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